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BKR International is a major worldwide association of independent accounting and business advisory firms. According to International Accounting Bulletin’s rating, BKR International represents the combined expertise of over 350 companies in 75 countries throughout the world, including Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, USA, and China.

BKR’s global infrastructure comprises more than 900 partners and 5,000 certified auditors, accountants, and advisers.

Owing to BKR’s expanded opportunities and strategic alliances, Intercom-Audit has reached a brand new level in its activity with access to up-to-date professional information.

We ensure protection of our clients’ interests in Russia and all around the world. BKR’s international resources and facilities will provide your access to combined expertise of each member firm of the association.

BKR International is a worldwide-recognized brand, the standards of this network are approved by the business community. Intercom-Audit is provided with considerable financial resources, cutting-edge technologies, sophisticated management methods.


Intercom-Audit has set-up a joint venture with major audit and advisory companies in Israel (Yarel, Haguel & Co) and Cyprus (Damianou & Co), whose principal activity involves services on financial reporting and conducting audit in accordance with international standards.

Financial statements issued by the Company comply with all principles and meet all requirements, comprise all required reporting forms and detailed notes to financial statements, in line with disclosure standards.

Our partners have PCAOB accreditation, permit for and long experience in auditing and reporting for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and are official auditors of the companies, whose shares are on the list at the National Association of Security Dealers automation quotation (NASDAQ).


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