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Our advisory specialists faced the following problem in their work: many clients requested for advice not only on complex, ambiguous issues, but also on simple industry-specific questions, though requiring detailed methodological study.  This fact encouraged us to issue Methodical Handbooks highlighting all directions. Today, they cover almost all sectors of bookkeeping and tax accounting, economic legal and regulatory requirements, all branches of law.

The contents of each book amounts to an information-intensive consultation on a specific problem or industry. It is impossible to give such advice to a client during one telephone call due to time and human memory limitations.

Nearly one thousand books, including those for EKSMO Publishers, have been already written by Intercom-Audit, comprising over two hundred thousand pages. Over 150 books have been issued – the circulation totaling about one million copies.

Each book comprises a complete analysis of an issue under consideration in terms of legal requirements, accounting and taxation. Our answers to the clients’ questions, review of full arbitration history are also included.

Moreover, our clients receive weekly newsletters on accounting, taxation, economy and finance.

At our Company’s web-site www.rosec.ru, answers to many frequently asked questions on taxation are posted, as well as the latest legal and regulatory acts, reference information.

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