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A team of highly-skilled professionals work for Intercom-Audit, including auditors, appraisal/valuation experts, accountants, methodology and legal advisers, specialists in the field of marketing and consulting.

When employing personnel, the Company’s managers focus on applicants’ ethical, business, and professional compliance.

Intercom-Audit’s leading experts studied at higher financial schools in Russia, attended training courses organized by international banking schools and audit companies (e.g. Baker Tilly, Mazars & Guerard, etc.). Intercom-Audit’s experts hold international and Russian qualification certificates in audit, appraisal/valuation, accounting; there are also 1 st and 2nd class tax counsellors among Intercom-Audit advisers.

The Company’s staff include specialists holding international certificates (CPA, ACCA, DipIFR or IFA), and Russian certificates of auditors and professional accountants.

In their professional activity, auditors, appraisal/valuation experts, and methodology advisers working for the Company follow underlying principles of professional ethics, integrity and decency, objectivity and independence, confidentiality, professionalism, and competence.

Every job quality control, highly-skilled personnel, proprietary databases and methodical editions – these are the key factors which lead to the Company’s success.

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